The Sensitives

“What the Swedes are doing is more than successfull! This album helps in every life and situation and makes
everything better some how!”

— Review from Plastic Bomb, 5/5*

Thanks Ulm!

Thanks everybody for making the night at Hemperium in Ulm so great!


Good morning Deutchnyland!

We´ve now landed in Germany and met up with Chris, our dear friend and road dude!
His mother gave us a nice meal and now the only thing we´d need is some sleep, Anton´s been awake since early yesterday morning, working and driving to the airport.

We also just got another show booked for the November tour at Wild at Heart in Berlin, supporting The Sewer Rats! That should be a really great night!

Now we´re of to some house where we´re supposed to stay for the weekend and then it´s time for a BBQ at a local recording studio.
Tomorrow we´ll play at Hemperium in Ulm together with Chris band Escandalos and Grandfather Joe!

So long!

A couple of shows for the Germany Tour!

Our first two show for the Germany Tour in November are booked:

17/11: Chemnitz – Subway to Peter
23/11: Munich – Backstage

Check out the Tour page for more info.
And for the love of god, don’t miss the show next saturday in Ulm.