The Sensitives

“What the Swedes are doing is more than successfull! This album helps in every life and situation and makes
everything better some how!”

— Review from Plastic Bomb, 5/5*


Sometimes you just have to make punkrock of a Dolly Parton song!
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Tons of touring coming up!

We’re happy to say that 2016 will be a year filled with touring for us and we’ll play more shows this year than ever before!
If you wanna see us on a stage somehwere, drop us a line at or Contact us on Facebook and we’ll make something good happen!

Here are the first confirmed shows:
02/19: Ludvika – Haffas
04/29: Borlänge – Liljan
04/30: Karlskogapunken
05/04: Potsdam – Nilklub
05/05: Teplice – Bozak
05/06: Borna – Rock Am Kuhteich
05/07: Hof – Zur Linde
08/06: Norberg – Gruvpunken
09/08: Vilnius – XI20
09/09: Warsaw – Znośna Lekkość Bytu
09/12: Ostrava – Plan B Hardcore Cafe
09/13: Opava – Pandamie
09/14: Vienna – DasBach
09/16: Munich – Kafe Kult
09/17: Biberach – Abdera
09/18: Merano – Jungle
09/19: Innsbruck – Weekender
09/24: Essen – Panic Room
09/30: Eisenach – Schlachthof
12/17: Hamburg – Menchanzoo
12/18: Gadebusch – K u T

Photo by: Likefoto Vilnius

The Sensitives in your living room?

We have one date free on our short tour in Germany in February and thought that instead of having a day off (we can rest when get old) we should make a living room concert! We’ve played some weird places, garages, gardens, libraries etc but never a living room! A small bar or a rehearsal room will work as well.

Is there anyone who wanna host this? You need to have room for 10 of your friends,a case of beer and live on the northern half of Germany. We keep the volume down and do it early in the evening so that no neighbors will be pissed!
The date is Sunday 7th of February.

Send us an e-mail to if your interested, it can sound a little like this:

1 3 4 5 6 7 54