• 09/06/17 Wolgast at Kesselbar
  • 09/07/17 Berlin at Pirata Patata
  • 09/08/17 Berlin at Supamolly
  • 09/09/17 Landflucht at Landflucht Open Air
  • 09/12/17 Bochum at Neuland

“What the Swedes are doing is more than successfull! This album helps in every life and situation and makes
everything better some how!”

— Review from Plastic Bomb, 5/5*

First show

Good evening folks!

We´ll do our very first show in Germany together with our dear favourite German friends Escandalos and Grandfather Joe!
September 24th is the time and Hemperium in Ulm is the place!

//The Sensitives

The Sensitives

There´s something called The Sensitives and if you press play in the media player to the right you´ll hear what it sounds like!