The Sensitives

“What the Swedes are doing is more than successfull! This album helps in every life and situation and makes
everything better some how!”

— Review from Plastic Bomb, 5/5*

New video on Friday!

On Friday it’s time for the first single from our new album to be released!

I know we´re all tired of speaking about this sexist, racist ass hole who somehow became the president of the USA so here’s a song the help you get the frustration out!

Full video and free MP3 download on Friday!

New album!!!

We’re damn excited to hit the studio today to start record our new album! It’ll be out this summer on vinyl, CD and download!
Keep your eyes on our Facebook profile to follow the recording process!

We’re also happy to tell you that our song Kick A Hole In The Sky have now 993395599222994 views on YouTube and is the most popular punk rock song ever, all according to Donald Trumps press secretary!

X-mas calendar and the last shows of the year!

A four month long run of shows is coming to an end.
Here are the last shows we’ll make in Europe in before we take a brake to record the next album, so make sure to get your asses out to the shows and take this chance!

12/09: Augsburg – Ballonfabrik
12/10: Nördlingen – Fladen-piraten
12/12: Essen – Anyway
12/13: Bochum – Neuland
12/14: Bielefeld – Plan B
12/16: Hamburg – Menchanzoo
12/17: Kiel – Hansa 48
12/18: Gadebusch – K u T
12/25: Falun – Stoppsmäll

On our Facebook profile we are doing a X-mas calendar where we put out one new video every day from December 1st to 24th, you don’t wanna miss that!