We're trying out some new outfits for the next tours, what do you think? #masquerade
We've met a lot of cool people during the last years of touring. Wham Bam Bodyslam from Austria is definitely some of the coolest people we've met and words can't describe how happy we are to have them play in our backyard!
Afternoon tea without tea in the sun at Martin and Paulina's place!
We are re-building Fetmats, our touring van!
Polish beer on Swedish wedding tonight, great times! Cheers! ✌🏼️
An old fashioned fuck off to sexism, racism and capitalism. #falligopenair #thesensitives #dogsontheruntour Photo by Sascha Rinklef
Thanks everyone for making Fallig Open Air awesome! It was probably our hottest show ever (36 degrees outside) and the first time we played an improvised encore with a brand new song in Swedish! So great to spend a Saturday night in Germany again. Hope to see you some of you in November on tour! @timvantol #falligopenair
Serious studio stuff taking place right now! The smallest tambourine in the least pretentious recording room ever!
We were gonna rehearse but summer and a dog came in between. @mangemango @folkefolke
It's festival times! #undergroundsafari

Vinyl release and big tour coming up!

I know it’s weird to sit in the lovely summer weather and dream about November but damn, it’s gonna be great to go out on a big tour again!
We are very happy to announce that on October 30 Dogs On The Run will be released on vinyl, just in time for the tour!
Here are the first confirmed shows:
09.11.15 D-Hamburg, Freundlich & Kompetent
11.11.15 D-Essen, Panic Room
12.11.15 NL-Alkmaar, Cafe Odeon
13.11.15 NL-Landgraaf, Oefenbunker
14.11.15 B-Peer, The Other Side
18.11.15 F-Selestat, Le Tigre
21.11.15 A-Timelkam, Gei*
22.11.15 A-Graz, Sub
26.11.15 IT-Bolzano
27.11.15 D-Munich, Kafe Kult
28.11.15 D-Augsburg, Ballonfabrik
29.11.15 D-Halle, GiG
01.12.15 D-Dresden, Chemiefabrik
03.12.15 D-Berlin, Schockoladen
04.12.15 D-Potsdam, Black Fleck
05.12.15 D-Friedland, Endstation

If there’s any city you want us to come play, just drop us a message or comment at our Facebook page.

Photo by: Arti Van Art
Photo by Arti Van Art

Fallig Open Air

We’re pumped to go back to Germany in July to share stage with awesome bands like Red City Radio and Tim Vantol at Fallig Open Air!
Feets will be moving, hips will be shaking and thorats be screaming!


New website!

Here’s our brand new website, all fresh with a big bunch of new tour dates online!
Let’s celebrate it with a song we recorded on a lovely morning in Finsterwalde, Germany on the last tour!

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