“What the Swedes are doing is more than successfull! This album helps in every life and situation and makes
everything better some how!”

— Review from Plastic Bomb, 5/5*


  • To stay healthy it's important to travel to Germany and Czech Republic every three months to play punkrock shows. Here we go again!
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  • Loading! Tomorrow we're off to Germany! ✌️ ..#thesensitives #theupbringing #punk #fetmats #veganpower #touring
  • On the way back home with a weekend with two awesome gigs in Sweden done! Now we'd love a calm hung over Sunday with pizza and crap movies but unfortunately nazis will be marching our city today so that'll have to wait. #nonazis #refugeeswelcome #maydayparade #firstofmany
  • Don't worry, they might look a bit awkward but they're happy deep inside!

#thesensitives #karlskoga #punk #merch
  • Believe it or not but we just got the best punk stew ever!

#thesensitives #karlskoga #punk #vegan
  • Liljan, we had so much fun!! 🌟✌🏼️ #thesensitives #punkrock #swedishpunk #borlänge #liljan
  • Look how happy he is! It's because it's gig time soon!
  • Paulina have started to make a small collection of tie dye t-shirts, pretty nice huh? ✌🏼️ Different colors and sizes will soon be for sale! 🌟

#thesensitives #tshirt #tiedye #tiedyed #diy #merch #forsale #punkrock #sweden
  • Getting ready for the tour, new strings and vocal exercises 👌🏼🌟
  • Sunday rehearsal is delayed because of sun and  2,8% -beers!


Sometimes you just have to make punkrock of a Dolly Parton song!
Please share it with your friends!

Tons of touring coming up!

We’re happy to say that 2016 will be a year filled with touring for us and we’ll play more shows this year than ever before!
If you wanna see us on a stage somehwere, drop us a line at or Contact us on Facebook and we’ll make something good happen!

Here are the first confirmed shows:
02/19: Ludvika – Haffas
04/29: Borlänge – Liljan
04/30: Karlskogapunken
05/04: Potsdam – Nilklub
05/05: Teplice – Bozak
05/06: Borna – Rock Am Kuhteich
05/07: Hof – Zur Linde
08/06: Norberg – Gruvpunken
09/08: Vilnius – XI20
09/09: Warsaw – Znośna Lekkość Bytu
09/12: Ostrava – Plan B Hardcore Cafe
09/13: Opava – Pandamie
09/14: Vienna – DasBach
09/16: Munich – Kafe Kult
09/17: Biberach – Abdera
09/18: Merano – Jungle
09/19: Innsbruck – Weekender
09/24: Essen – Panic Room
09/30: Eisenach – Schlachthof
12/17: Hamburg – Menchanzoo
12/18: Gadebusch – K u T

Photo by: Likefoto Vilnius

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