“What the Swedes are doing is more than successfull! This album helps in every life and situation and makes
everything better some how!”

— Review from Plastic Bomb, 5/5*


  • Nothing beats a packed punkrock club in Finsterwalde on a Friday night! Thanks everyone who came out and hope nobody got hurt in pit!
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  • Berlin is a lovely place to be! Thank you so much to everyone who came to our shows at Coretex Records and Tommyhaus, we had a blast! 
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  • We got to spend some quality time in Hamburg, that's always a pleasure! Now off to Braunschweig! ☮

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  • People of Germany, here we come, live this week!
February 3: Braunschweig - Tegtmeyer
February 4: Berlin - Coretex Records (acoustic show 5PM)
February 4: Berlin - Tommyhaus
February 5: Finsterwalde - Angry Voice Records (acoustic show 7PM)
February 5: Finsterwalde - L'86
February 7: Köpenick - Café Köpenick 
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  • As you all know we've lost some of the people who had a truly huge impact on music and the the scenes as we know them. Those who didn't just kick in the open doors but the closed ones as well that made an actual change for the scenes as we know them. 
It's touching to see how streets are filled with people singing David Bowie songs on memorials over the world but as beautiful as it is I can't help but think how wonderful it would've been if David would've been here to see it for him self. 
I think we all have some person in mind that truly changed us, wether it's personally or professionally and I even if our way to say thanks to that person never reaches all the way, at least we can say we tried.

I'll go first.
I've never met Laura Jane Grace and never talked to her but she taught me more about music than any music teacher I've met. 
Listening to the Against Me! releases from The Acoustic EP to Searching For A Former Clarity, one by one, taught me that just because you don't have a "beautiful" singing voice or can sing in pitch doesn't mean you shouldn't sing. Just sing it and MEAN it. When I tried I realized that it's just not enough, those words better be damn good as well and that you can't fake that!

She taught me that if it feels good to play the same chords in a row for two and a half minutes (Sink Florida Sink), do it. But when I tried it I realized that "damn, you better mean what you're playing and singing right now". I tried the same thing with the song Weird Things Happens At Night from Boredom Fighters and finally made it work.

When we started The Sensitives, as a shitty musician the things I learnt from this were highly important.
We may never be famous rockstars but the band have taken me to more countries I ever thought I'd visit, took me to cities I didn't know existed and introduced me to more friends around Europe that I thought was possible to have. All that made me a much richer person than I ever thought I'd be. Not financially for sure but the things I've seen couldn't have been bought with money anyway, so who fucking cares!? Who do you have to thank for where you are?


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  • Next week we're back in Berlin and with us we have @theupbringingband from Sweden and the locals Patsy Stone as support! Since last time in Berlin was amazing we have really great expectations for this one! #tommyhaus #berlin #punk
  • Ok so Rock Am Kuhteich is gonna be pretty damn great! #rockamkuhteich #festival #festival
  • Winter in Sweden! Our tour van Fet-Mats are having a cozy time under the blanket of snow a few more weeks until it's time to hit the road again. ❄️❄️❄️ #thesensitives #tourvan #fetmats #instadog #punkrock #sweden #snow
  • This just happened! Our first song in Swedish and it's now online! For you who don't speak Swedish; it's a '🖕to everyone who harms animals and children in need! From the bottom of our hearts, fuck you to everyone who does that! 
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  • It's just a few days left until we release our first single (of two), on the first day of the year, for the first time in Swedish! Enjoy it on #Spotify and #iTunes. 🎧 ✌🏼️💙💛 #thesensitives #release #punk #punkrock #Swedish #svenskpunk #detskiterdui

The Sensitives in your living room?

We have one date free on our short tour in Germany in February and thought that instead of having a day off (we can rest when get old) we should make a living room concert! We’ve played some weird places, garages, gardens, libraries etc but never a living room! A small bar or a rehearsal room will work as well.

Is there anyone who wanna host this? You need to have room for 10 of your friends,a case of beer and live on the northern half of Germany. We keep the volume down and do it early in the evening so that no neighbors will be pissed!
The date is Sunday 7th of February.

Send us an e-mail to if your interested, it can sound a little like this:

Det Skiter Du I

Here it is, the brand new single Det Skiter Du I!

New single out on January 1st 2016!

We will kick of 2016 with a new single! It’ll be our first song in Swedish language and it’s called Det Skiter Du I!

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