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Folks, we have a new video from the new album, Dogs On The Run!

Get the new album in our webstore!

One day can be so amazing and so horrible at the same time

Last Saturday we had the release party for Dogs On The Run and it was a fucking great evening! So much good music, so many good people and such great feelings!

What happened after the party was not as fun.
Paulina fell and hit her back so bad she had to go to the hospital with ambulance, not being able to walk or stand up.
We came to the hospital 4 in the morning, stayed awake the whole night and day and on the evening got the news that sheโ€™ll have to stay for a few days.
Now itโ€™s Wednesday and we were supposed go on tour this morning but Paulina is still in the hospital, still not able to stand up or walk.

Weโ€™re so extremely sorry to say we have to cancel the tour.
But if you canโ€™t walk you canโ€™t go on tour playing punk rock.

As soon as we can we’ll let you know new dates for these shows. Untill then we hope you’ll love Dogs On The Run as much as we do, it’s on Spotify, iTunes and of course in our Webstore

Much love,
The Sensitives

New album out on Saturday!!!

On Saturday it’s time for our brand new album Dogs On The Run to finally see the light of day!
The album will be released on CD, download, Spotify, iTunes etc by Sunny Bastards.

Next week we’ll hit the roads again in Germany to celebrate the new album, hope to see you at the shows!

Here’s the first video from the Dogs On The Run called Raice My Voice, released last fall.
Next video will be released on Saturday!

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