Getting ready for todays 2nd show, now in Falun at Feministival! After over 100 shows we're still trying to figure out how to write a proper set list. #punk @fi @feministisktinitiativ @arenan
Today is the final day in studio for the recording of our new album, 'Dogs on the Run', and Paulina is making the stand up bass her bitch! #studio #uprightbass #doublebass #punk #boomtown
It's important to take good care of your instruments. But I have a weird feeling about this one! #ibanez #slaughter
Sneak peak of what we've been up to the last couple of days!
Looking back on an awesome night in Vienna last month! There is punkrock there, that's for sure! Sing loud sing proud! #punk #dasbach #Vienna
The best thing about coming home from tour is sharing the great treasures you brought home with the ones you love! This time it was hemp beer from Graz, Austria! #hermax #hemp #beer
So Paulina takes a walk back in the van to grab a sweater and comes back with black panties on her head. And realizes nothing!
Ladies and gentlemen, our first 7" vinyl is here! New versions of Old Fashioned Fuck Off and Multi Million Dollar Machine Gun on a split with Wham Bam Bodyslam! #vinyl #schallundrauchplatten #punk
Vienna was fucking awesome! #punkrock #bach #Vienna
After 100+ shows we still haven't seen any groupies. Thank god the dogs like us more, here is Frantal, the Sexy beast responsible for the security at Club Exil in Czech Republic! Anybody met her before? Next week a new tour kicks off and lots of new dogs and no girls to meet! Can't wait! #punkrock #czech #dogs #uber #girls

Raise My Voice

Today we release the first single of our next album, Dogs on the run!
We celebrate the release with two shows today, an acoustic show in Avesta, and a full set show in Falun, check out our Facebook profile for more info!

Let us know what you about it at and please share it with your friends!
Love, The Sensitives

Tour dates coming up!

Hey folks!

We’re excited to start announcing tour dates for the fall.
It’s finally time go back to Lithuania wich is gonna be so awesome! And of course a bunch of shows in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria is coming up!

Here are the first:

06.11.14 LT-Vilnius, XI20
13.11.14 D-Berlin, Zur Glühlampe (unplugged)
14.11.14 D-Finsterwalde, Angry-Voice Records Shop (unplugged)
14.11.14 D-Finsterwalde, L´86
18.11.14 D-Mönchengladbach, KulTube
19.11.14 D-Düsseldorf, The Tube
20.11.14 D-Essen, Anyway (unplugged)
21.11.14 D-München, Glockenbachwerkstatt
22.11.14 D-Ansbach, 13 eins

Peace & Love 2014

Hey folks!

We’re proud and happy to announce that we’ll be playing the Peace & Love Festival this year!

Peace & Love is important to us, it was on the fields outside the festival area we sat in the sun, drinking cheap wine and spoke about how we should start a band, by a VW van and tour around Europe. Said and done, that was almost 3 years, houndreds of shows in 11 countries ago.
We are returning to the crime scene!

Thanks to everybody who showed up at the Seaside Festival and made the night so awesome!

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